Premiere Personal Training Packages

A complete holistic personal training package for your day to day wellbeing. As a premiere member you will have access to the studio, fat burning circuit and gym suite facilities. You will also have access to our exclusive personal training diet software. This package also includes weekly one to one sessions with a fully qualified personal trainer. Every programme designed by one of our personal trainers is tailored to suit you, your needs, and your goals.


What can I expect from my training?

  1. Goal setting- We will show you how to plan, maintain and achieve results through goal setting. Life coaching techniques will help you plan for goals that are sustainable, manageable and realistic. All of which will be achieved within a set time frame.
  2. Nutritional analysis- Together we will look at your current diet. We will teach you the five principles to designing and maintaining a 'good' diet that will aid you in your exercise goals. We will review this monthly.
  3. Personal Training- Together we will go through the motions of exercise. From interval training through to resistance training all principles will be addressed.
  4. Results- Results will be measured on a month to month basis. Results measured will be those of the goals set prior to training.
  5. Progress- Regular progress reports will allow you to see where you began, where you are now, and where you need to be. This way we can see how well you’re doing.


You will also have unlimited use of the facilities and classes. You will become a premium member of our inner circle and every month we will meet with you to discuss the intricate details of your diet. No stone will be left unturned.


Imagine that perfect body. Picture the shape and size. Now click your fingers. Did you get it? Like anything worth having it takes time, effort and most of all persistence. And we will be there every step of the way. It’s that simple!



  • Personal training
  • Diet software
  • Unlimited use of the facilities
  • Classes included


BRONZE £119.99 PCM (includes 4 personal training sessions per month/ 1 session per week)


SILVER £219.99 PCM (includes 8 personal training sessions per month/ 2 sessions per week)


GOLD £299.99 PCM (includes 12 personal training sessions per month/ 3 sessions per week)



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