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Chris- Founder


I founded the Fitness Suite in January 2011. I wanted to create a facility that specialised in personal training. I felt so many gyms had lost focus of what mattered and became money making machines. Good personal trainers were lost in the midst of it all and true talent was unfortunately lost from the industry. I felt this was not the platform for knowledgeable personal trainers with true talent to use and so The Fitness Suite was born.


With our ethos in mind 'fitness should be fun and part of your daily routine' we wanted to create a niche that people recognised. We wanted to re-write all the wrongs, myths, and misconceptions that people had about fitness. Fitness is a science but with the right teacher it can be made quite simple. We aim to educate all of our clients so you too benefit from a sustainable training plan for the rest of your life.


"Chris and the team at The Fitness Suite have made an amazing difference to my life in just a few short weeks. Chris' subject knowledge, passion and commitment bring a completely holistic approach to personal training, with personal being used in the truest sense. Chris and his team take the time to look at all aspects of your lifestyle and make recommendations (where you want them to!) and this additional dimension is something that I have found incredibly motivational.

It is truly nothing short of amazing that after only 4 sessions I am already able to fit into clothes that have been hiding in my wardrobe for over 3 years. I would whole heartedly recommend Chris and his team if you are looking to make a real long-term difference to your

health and your life."

Zoe Palethorpe, Huddersfield

Harry - Manager


For as long as I can remember health and fitness has being an integral part of my lifestyle and I feel truly privileged to be able to incorporate the passion and enthusiasm I have for my hobby and inject it into my career. The Fitness Suite has given me a brilliant platform to work from and I am honoured to be part of the excellent team here.

 It has long been my belief that exercise and nutrition should never seem a chore and I pride myself on delivering quality, dynamic sessions that are tailored to the needs and requirements of you, the client.

I strive to make every session unique and aim to educate you in not only what you are doing but why you are doing it.


Regan- Trainer


Growing up in a sports orientated family was an integral part of my life. This interest in sport and specifically the science behind it is the reason why I decided to pursue a career in the fitness industry and is ultimately what lead to me becoming a member of The Fitness Suite team.


As a trainer I believe every session should be tailor made in order to compliment a clients specific goals and targets. Through study and personal development I have built the knowledge to be able to help you in any way possible, whether monitoring your diet, lifestyle tips or supplement advice. I make it my priority to ensure that you are fully satisfied after each and every session.


Joe - Trainer


From an early age I have always been interested in sport. This keen interest was the foundations on which I built the knowledge I have today. Having studied sport right up to university standard, I have developed an excellent understanding on nutrition, how the body works and what training methods are the most beneficial to provide clients with the best results. As a personal trainer I will ensure that my training sessions are tailored to meet the client’s needs, so they always feel they have gained something from each session.


Steve- Corporate liaison/ Customer care


I have worked at The Fitness Suite from day one. I thoroughly enjoy welcoming each and every client to their sessions and watching them leave satisfied and content. The Fitness Suite is by far one of the most professional environments I have had the pleasure of working in.


The Fitness Suite is clean, safe and most of all has an ambience like no other gym. You won't ever feel intimidated and all of our members are likeminded individuals with one shared goal, to make a change for the better.


I look forward to welcoming you to The Fitness Suite!


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